The Salon des ETA for exhibitors

The unique French trade fair, 100 % contractor

Situated in an area where more than 70% of French contractors, whose main activity is mixed crop/livestock and/or field crops, are based, the Salon des ETA is the only trade fair dedicated exclusively to contractors and their teams.

What is the Salon des ETA?

High potential purchasers: The contractor is a buyer of high value-added and high-tech products. They also renew their material 5 to 15 times more often than farmers.

20 000 contractors  in 2021: company directors, machine operators, mechanics, etc. In 2019, 77% of contractors came with their teams.

100% of visitors are contractors: thanks to a pre-registration system approved by our team.

Material trials: 31 000 m² are specially dedicated to test-driving your material. You have a private access from your exhibition zone.

100% of visitors will walk past your stand! 31 000 m² of indoor, outdoor and tent-covered exhibition spaces are set along a single pathway.

1 key date: December is not only the month when the decision makers decide on investments for 2022, it is also a time when they have more time to spare.

The records of the customers and prospects you met on your stand: usable as soon as the fair is over, with the Profield Events app, included in your registration. It allows you to scan the badges of visitors to your stand, to get their contact details and to add them to your personalised notes

The app

The Profield Event app enables you to identify every visitor that comes to your stand, and you can make a note of your discussions directly on the app.

At the end of the trade fair, we will send you an Excel file with the contact details of your visitors along with their personal comments.

This service is included in your registration, you can access it 5 times.


The app in video